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Lazdynai outpatient clinic was found in 1973 in the westside of Vilnius. Currently we are located in two buildings: Erfurto str. 15 and Architektu str. 17.

Outpatient clinic provides all outpatient health care services for the residents of Vilnius Lazdynai district and the surrounding areas. We represent a variety of medical specialties and offer a wide range of primary and secondary medical, surgical, dental, diagnostic health care services and preventive programs. Seeking to assure accessible, efficient and high quality care, we cooperate with Centro outpatient clinic and Zalgirio dental clinic where our patients can get health services after hours or choose to get additional treatment.

Clinic is managed and coordinated by the Administration of the Supervisory Board, Board of Therapy, Nursing Council, the Medical Ethics Committee. Clinic has an internal medical auditing, all processes and management is according to quality management system ISO 9001.

In 2016, the Clinic was among the first institutions, accredited by State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health in meeting the requirements of best practice in GP services.

British Medical Journal blogs on role of patients and our recent project - Vitamin Lab experiment in our Clinic

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